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Cobble Driveway Pressure Washing by Cauc

Driveway Cleaning & Sealing

Driveways are prone to dirt and algae build up over the years. We professionally pressure wash your driveway using specialised machinery which uses the correct pressure, lifting all stains and oil and years of dirt from the surfaces.

We then apply new kiln dried sand to the joins to create a fresh look, which also secures and stops any movement of your block paving. We also offer a block paving sealing service.

Patio Pressure Cleaning. Caucasian Men W

Patio Cleaning

Moss, algae, lichen and other fungi will often develop when a patio is exposed to the elements, It can be re-established by pressure washing or scrubbing with specialised solutions.


Regular maintenance and good cleaning practices will enhance the overall appearance of the patio in the long term to remove algae, general dirt and improving the overall look of your Patio.

Screen Shot 2021-10-18 at 14.21.54.png

Gutter cleaning

We specialize in domestic and commercial gutter cleaning, repair  and clearance keeping your gutters free from debris like moss, leafs and pine needles. This prevents costly building repairs, leaks and floods in the long term. 


We also offer a 6 or 12 month gutter maintenance plan which validates any house insurance or commercial insurance. We also offer a personal call out service in emergencies if you have a blocked gutter.

decking cleaning.jpeg

Decking Cleaning

Block Clean Uk professionally washes your decking using specialised machinery which applies the correct pressure without destroying the wood fibres on the surface. We also apply a treatment which kills the algae build up for up to two years, overall improving the appearance and safety of your Decking.


We always recommend you sealing the wood with wood oils or painting after the clean and treatment.

concrete cleaning power washing.jpeg

Concrete Pathways

Dirty concrete leaves walkways looking unattractive and potentially dangerous when coated with slippery algae and ground in dirt.


At Block clean UK we can do a regular clean as part of walkway maintenance to extend the longevity of the  pathway and improve its appearance and safety.


House cleaning

Whether you are looking for professional brickwork cleaning to smarten up the look of your office building or home. Or remove unsightly deposits caused by lichen or algae, we can help. 

We offer one-off or periodic brick and stone cleaning to your property or business. Improving the overall appearance of the exterior.

Screen Shot 2021-10-18 at 14.51.09.png

Flat roof maintenance
& cleaning

We specialise in flat roof cleaning, maintenance and repairs for residential, Schools, Councils, Commercial and Industrial and Private landlords.

Moss and leaf build up from your roof gutterings and outlet areas including all drainage areas can cause issues with splitting, ponding and blistering which in the long term can create costly building repairs, leaks and floods.

We can offer a stress free maintenance service plan to prolong the life of your Flat Roof by regularly cleaning debris and guttering as a one of project every month or 6 to 12 months depending.

Tennis court cleaning hampshire.jpeg

Tennis courts

All tennis courts get a build up of Moss, algae, lichen and other fungi will often develops over time when exposed to the elements. We have different methods to deal with this we can offer a deep clean or offer a deep clean with Biocide treatment which keep algae and lichen away for up to 2 years. Regular maintenance and good cleaning practices will enhance the overall appearance of the tennis court and in the long term to improving the overall look.

House cladding cleaning hampshire surry.

Wood cladding

Wooden cladding is susceptible to changing colour and attracting Moss, algae, lichen and other fungi. This often develops over time when the cladding is exposed to moisture and the elements, It can be re-established by treating with specialised solutions and soft washing. Regular maintenance and good cleaning practices will enhance the overall appearance of the cladding in the long term to remove general dirt and discolouring improving the overall look of the cladding.

Men Wearing Industrial Wet Coat Cleaning


Block Clean UK specialises in professional exterior cleaning for homes and businesses. We clean anything from  Guttering, Flat roofs, Driveways, Patios, deckings and pavement areas.


All exterior surfaces are prone to dirt, moss  and algae build up over the years, so at Block Clean Uk we professionally clean the surfaces using specialised washing and rotary machinery using environmentally approved biodegradable products.

Our aim is to maintain good regular maintenance and cleaning practices which will enhance the overall appearance of your property or business.






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